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NEW RARE ! Organic Cat Japanese Catnip + Green Tea (Matatabi, Silvervine ) STRONG


  • Catnip + Greentea


What is Japanese Catnip, Matatabi, Silvervine?

Japanese Catnip ( Actinidia Polygama ) is of the same family with Kiwi Fruit!

It gives a state of euphoria response in cats, like Nepeta Cataria ( normal catnip Catnip).

Said to give a more intense reaction. Japanese Catnip / Matatabi / Slivervine is non-toxic, mainly found in Japan and China.

Their leaves and branches are known to be particularly potent in making cats happy!

Not only human cats are also piling up their daily stress day by day. Here we have a solution for them.

Cat-nip is well known now a days as a release stress for cats. We compound extra effects with unique ingredients.
1.Green-tea powder effects their oral care. Green-tea extracted ingredient is well known as natural sanitary item in Japan. relaxation.

Mju: Catnip with Green Tea , 3.5 g

See Momo on Matatabi @

Helpful for

* Stressed out Cats
* Cat Suffering From Anorexia
* Cat Fatigue
* Cat Irritation

Silvervine , Japanese Catnip ( Actinidia Polygama) is of the same family with Kiwi Fruit !
The reaction to Silver Vine is similar to the Catnip ( Nepeta Cataria ) response, but appears to be more intense.

Cats that usually do not respond to normal catnip will usually react to this !

Typical behaviors include

- Rolling, Chin and cheek Rubbing, drooling, and licking.

The effect usually lasts between 5 and 30 minutes and cats will usually visit Silver Vine again after about 20–30 minutes

Japanese Catnip , is known to

- Increase Appetite in Depressed Cats
- Making cats happy!
- Pour it on scratching board , or toys !
( Saves your Furniture ! )

results may vary as cats respond differently.
Try to limit the amount given to maximum 3 times a week .

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